Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ecotools 6 Mini Brush Pack and Travel Eye Brush Set 

Travel Eye Brush Set

It took me forever to find a travel brush kit that had more than one or two eyeshadow brushes--but I finally found it! The bristles are densely packed, soft, and fluffy. This kit proves that you don't have to sacrifice quality or size with travel brushes. The largest brush is huge! It's literally the size of my full-size concealer brush. These are my go-to brushes, even when they're not in my purse.

Below are the brushes:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I was almost about to cancel my Birchbox subscription after my disappointing first box, but decided to wait it out one more month. I'm glad that I did!

Last month, I received a noxious mini bottle of hand sanitizer, a barbie-sized lip treatment, a vial of perfume I couldn't smell, and nail strips that chipped in less than a week--two deluxe samples and two free samples. This box has four deluxe-size sample products, along with an extra (the "minteas"). Although I didn't fall in love with all the products, I was at least able to test them out--after all, isn't that what Birchbox is for?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eye Brightening All-In-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Amethyst Glam


the palette--I love the huge mirror!

swatch w/o primer, no flash

I don't know why, but Lancome reminds me of aristocratic elderly women--maybe it's their packaging, or all their anti-wrinkle creams? I feel like with this palette, they're trying to reach out to a younger audience, so they end up with an eclectic range of consumers which is directly reflected in this palette's name--I mean, "amethyst glam?" Really? And they have another palette called "emerald boudoir". But the name aside, I love the colors in this palette--they're bolder than what I usually go for, but they're definitely wearable.

-love the mirror!
-it's small enough to fit easily anywhere--I always have this in my bag because of the mirror :)
-the three darker colors are well-pigmented, and last without a primer
-not a fan of the shimmery highlighting colors--I don't think they're really wearable or that well-pigmented. the glitter is chunky and sparse, so it looks cheap. I think it would have made more sense to make the white matte, and kept the pink shimmery instead, but that's just me.
-expensive considering I only use three of the colors--it's around $40-50 I think?
-not really a con, but I feel like packaging those makeup applicators is just a waste of space--who actually uses those?

Overall, it's a nice palette but I wouldn't consider buying it again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My first official post, hopefully with more to come soon! I intend to add makeup reviews, OOTD's, little DIY projects, and more NOTD's--I'll try to update as often as possible :).

Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac
Sally Hansen's Purple Potion
Sinful Colors in Frenzy
makeup sponges

1. paint the tip of a makeup sponge with lacey lilac, and gently dab on nails about halfway up.
2. use another corner of the sponge and paint on purple potion about 1/4 of the way up. Wait for it to dry, and apply another coat about halfway up the first coat.
3. once dry, lightly apply the glitter polish halfway up the nail, then at 1/4 up the nail.
4. line the rim of your nails in purple potion (didn't do this in the pictures, but it looks nicer).
5. apply a topcoat.

Annd there you have it! I'm pretty impressed with my cheap $80 Canon point-and-shoot--I had a DSLR but sold it a year ago with unrealized hopes of upgrading.. maybe this summer though~