Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Ecotools Brushes

Ecotools 6 Mini Brush Pack and Travel Eye Brush Set 

Travel Eye Brush Set

It took me forever to find a travel brush kit that had more than one or two eyeshadow brushes--but I finally found it! The bristles are densely packed, soft, and fluffy. This kit proves that you don't have to sacrifice quality or size with travel brushes. The largest brush is huge! It's literally the size of my full-size concealer brush. These are my go-to brushes, even when they're not in my purse.

Below are the brushes:


Pardon the glitter and pigments--as you can see, I definitely use these :). By "travel-sized", it means the brush handles are smaller but the bristles are still full-sized.

Verdict: I love everything about the brushes, but the bag isn't amazing. Don't get me wrong--it's great that they even include it in the kit, which is already super cheap (~$8 at your local drug store). However, there's no flap to protect the bristles from getting dirty; I would put this in your makeup bag rather than having it float around in your purse. The mirror is flexible and plastic-y; I would only use it if you're in dire need of a reflective surface, but at the very least it won't shatter.

6 Mini Brushes
I love the idea of these brushes--that is, an alternative to those awful sponge tip applicators. However, the brushes are designed to be multi-purpose (for eyes, lips, and face), so the bristles flat and not at all fluffy.

Verdict:  Great if you're going to use these for concealer or lip products, but if you want something to apply eyeshadow, pass on these. You can't blend with these, so that sort-of defeats the purpose of using a brush over a sponge applicator. It's difficult to get any pigmentation on the brushes, unless you're working with loose pigments (like mineral shadows).

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