Saturday, February 25, 2012

In The Bag:
NYX Roll On Shimmer in Chestnut
X Out Shine Control (by Proactiv)*
Freeman Mask*
Premier Dead Sea Sample Packets (x2)*
Mini Ghirardelli Chocolates (x2)
NuMe $100 "Gift Card"*
*Comment below if you want my NuMe code, or if you are interested in trading for the other 3 items :)

Decided to dress up the photos with some flowers from my yard :) the cherry trees are in full bloom, so everything is carpeted in pink and white petals; definitely feels like summer, even though it's still technically winter! Aanyway, my first "glam" bag just arrived. It was technically supposed to ship out between the 9-14th, but I just received it a few days ago (and I live less than half an hour away).

Considering the quality of the past two bags (especially their first bag!) I'm a little disappointed with this one. Many subscribers felt that they did a "bait and switch" with the first bag, but I remain optimistic :).

My biggest complaint is that this bag mostly consists of skincare items with harsh chemicals not suitable for dry, sensitive skin--I mean, a Proactiv product? I'm guessing half their subscribers don't have oily or acne-prone skin. Out of the entire bag, I was able to try one product, and eat some chocolate. But I was pleased with what I did try!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pin It
DIY Glitter Nail Tutorial - all you need is glitter and a clear polish

What You'll Need:
Glitter (available at any craft store)
Clear Topcoat

*not absolutely necessary, but they'll make your life easier.

Even if it looks small in the bottle, the glitter you choose might look pretty big on your actual nail; that's why I would recommend using a fine glitter. You can combine different types, in which case I would recommend a small tray for mixing (as in the above photo)